NOHO Interior Shot 3

NOHO Artists – Popped Up and Popped Off. See you in 2013

The collaborative exhibition with Fleur Deakin saw our live/work spaces converted into a pop-up gallery space for 5 days. NOHOArtists

Using our own home to exhibit has the benefits of cutting down the costs incurred in a show whilst throwing up issues of: public/private. If indeed it had been spring, the opportunity to clean and de-clutter, more poetic. However with the boom of DIY ‘pop-up’ shops and the long legacy of Open House and Open Studio events, artists are well placed to reveal the location of where their creativity “lays its’ hat”, to a burgeoning audience of discerning opinions. Who seek to experience art and wider British craft and design off the beaten track, to have more meaningful relationships with and to buy direct from the source.

These networks of temporary events are becoming more revealed across the net with social media democratising the process. Take a look at PopUpEvents and for those thinking of doing it yourself a must read is Dan Thompson’s Pop Up Business for Dummies.

Our Private View was well attended with happy punters collecting commissions ahead of the festive mayhem, with work selling and mulled wine consumed. A Fundraising Lucky-Dip generated money towards my Mount Kilimanjaro challenge with winners selecting a piece of work from the studio collection series.

Following on in the New Year, Fleur and I will be working on another show together and creating a portfolio of studio work available through a Rental Scheme. If you are interested in either please get in touch. Use the contact form or subscribe to my mailing list by clicking the button to the right.