Circular Economy

I was pleased towards the end of last year to contribute to a ‘Crowd Funding’ Project for Stour Valley Arts. The aim being to convert an old forester’s office into a work/live studio space for artists on the edge of King’s Wood near Challock, Kent. The intention being that artists could apply to spend time in the space and the environs of the wood and sculpture trails to make new work.¬†Self directed residencies and the opportunity of working in an inspiring location was an exciting proposition that hooked into past years spent at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Having recently sold some work. I felt in a position to contribute to this vision and was fortunate to be invited to attend a guided walk of the forest with the Curator Dan Howard-Brit. We had an enjoyable and informative afternoon walking and discussing the art that we happened across, the role of out door exhibition spaces in forest management, bio-diversity along with a great opportunity to meet other like minded folk AKA the funders! (See below for the roll call)

SVA Notice

So as it turns out for me, I was able to contribute to a creative circular economy. That of money in; from the labours of my creativity: money out; to assist others with their creativity.

And as I was wandering around I happened upon a a wonderful forester’s tyre #zencircle.