The Other Art Fair 2014

Fleur and I have been featured on The Other Art Fair blog. Answering some of their questions about why we work together, our thoughts towards our work and expectations for the Fair in Marylebone in 2 weeks.

How did you find the October fair?

FD: The fair was a fantastic opportunity to introduce my work to a new audience. RM: It was great to meet other artists and see the range of work selected. Some good conversations were had and have continued after with possibilities of exhibition opportunities. The number of visitors was impressive and we were able to chat with many about our work and why we paired up for the event.

How did visitors respond to the pairing?

FD: With intrigue. RM: Encouraging. We believe our work is connected by interest in surface, our processes and use of materials. The conversations we had with visitors were generous, offering insights into our stand of two halves: bright colours, gloss and monochrome, matt, worked. Some suggested there was a balance in play, others that the conflicting aesthetics were refreshing after aisles of single monoculture stands. I felt the power of the two got people to stop and talk. The fair continued our enquiry into why we work with each other and how this dialogue is reflected in our art. It is exciting to return from an event with more questions than answers – this encouraged us to return to the fair in April.

How did this partnership come about?

RM: We met at another art fair: we liked each other’s work and after discovering we both lived in central London, we met up for coffee and chats. Out of the desire to show and develop our work we formed an agreement to seek collaborative opportunities and, without fear or competition, become a critical friend to each other’s practice.

Do you often exhibit together? 

RM: It’s been about once a year to date but we also frequently support each other’s shows, open studios or pop-up events.

You can read the full blog here.

Tickets are available online with a 50% discount if you enter the code MCINTOSH We  look forward to welcoming you on stand.