‘It Starts With You’ is Hung

My completed art work for the Buro4 #ThirtyForThirty Art Competition is hung in their Central London Office.

I spent the day on Thursday 27th August installing the 8 part painting. The discs are suspended away from the wall on high tensile nylon thread and I am really pleased with the hang. The piece looks tailor made for the space. Based on my experience of visiting Folkestone Academy, it references the architectural details of the building, the materials and the principles of it being an aspirational school, educating young catalysts for change and raising expectations.

I took the motif of a circle from the plans and developed a work that itself changed form to become an open curve accross and up the wall.

It Starts With You‘ is a large Indian ink painting on several layers of Chinese mulberry paper across 8 wooden discs. These are suspended away from the wall in an open curve. The circle and plywood references the 8 three storey House pods of Folkestone Academy. The work started as a large single brush stroke circle and transformed into the fluid curve. A solitary open gilded form, an enso circle, can be seen at the left hand side. The flow of a thick brush stroke guides the eye from the gold circle through a downward sweep and up toward a higher exit point and a solid gold shape. Across the path of this sweeping mark other lines intersect at angles, coming into and off the curve, creating a dynamic. A sightline can be drawn diagonally across from the start to the finish and beyond. But rarely does any journey follow a straight line. Reminded of snakes and ladders there are set backs along with moments of great achievement.
The work references the architectural footprint and materials pallet of the Folkestone Academy along with the embodied philosophy of child centred life long learning. Equipping the students with the skills and knowledge to set and achieve realistic scholastic and over arching life goals. Nurturing them and raising aspirations, to become individual catalysts for change within the community.
For a young school, it has achieved much. It is held in high esteem up upon the hill where it sits. First generation school leavers have entered higher and further education, cabinets full of trophies for individual and house success are all testament to this.
So whilst I may have placed a ‘trophy’ on the top right of my image it starts with believing in valuing, gilding the individual.