Tondos or Tondi? The Debate Continues Post #TOAF

New ink paintings in the round, on pager on panel that were glazed with a high gloss were debuted in London at The Other Art Fair to an appreciative audience. Provoking a circular debate amongst the fair visitors and artists of the correct pluralisation of Tondo – a Renaissance term for a circular work of art. With an event split of opinion between ‘Tondos’ and ‘Tondi’. I am sticking to adding an ‘S” unless I am corrected by and Italian Renaisance Art expert, are you one of them? get in touch with your thoughts.

The selection of Tondos that I took to the Victoria House can be viewed here and a couple of photos of the stand from the Private View are below.

It was an extremely enjoyable Fair and once again, thanks goes to Ryan, Sophie and the team for a great quality build and successful event. I was once more touched by the generosity and warmth from my fellow exhibitors and made some new friends, whose work I admire greatly #TOAFfamily. Till October and The Old Truman Brewery.