Accessible Art Fair, Brussels

Let me tell you, 8 metres of wall is HUGE! A little daunted by the space and location but once I reminded myself to keep to the plan. The layout I tried at home, taking up every centimetre of space in the lounge, for a horizontal dry run. The white space was welcome and is necessary for my work to breathe.

This show was the culmination of over 6 weeks work towards creating a collection of tondo and conjoined tondo. That had a consistent thread and could be read as a body of work. The stretch of wall was a gift in that it enabled me to see a large portion of the group in one go. The response from my neighbours and visitors was amazing. And I am glad to say several pieces went to new homes across Brussels.

It was a joyful experience and reflecting upon the conversations, contacts made and feedback to the work. It is a powerful reminder for the need to connect and build relationships.