From Studio to International Art Fair

I am very excited to be taking newly completed work from the studio over to Europe to exhibit in the 10th Edition of the Accessible Art Fair. Held at the Jewish Museum 22nd – 25th September. I am joining a group of highly accomplished artists selected by a prestigious Jury. We self representing to a discerning International audience the best of what we do and this encouragement has been a great driver for me to create new work.

The past month has been busy creating a collection of new tondo and conjoined tondo to debut at the fair and I am pleased with the body of work that I will be taking.

The circular lens of the tondo allow me to review and edit much larger gestural works. Framing and offering a fraction of a painting, that was a record of a gesture in the moment. When placed under the prism of the resin glaze the temporal quality of the mark is held if not expanding, as we observe it. The work is a collection of captured moments. Of spaces in between.