Highlights From The Accessible Art Fair, 2016

The Jewish Museum, Brussels was home to the Accessible Art Fair 2016. Open for four days, over 4 floors of two buildings. It was a voyage of discovery to go explore the work of the 70 other selected artists, before we opened to the public. As is my habit at fairs. The quiet allows the engagement that many of my contemporaries require of you. Away from the crowds, I was able to chat to those early birds like me and seek a connection with one another. Finding more often our need to give voice to, reflect upon and through our work and have our offerings witnessed, regardless of language.

Below are the posts I made across Twitter @dawltonbarn sharing my highlights, a couple every day. So enjoy and please follow the links below to direct yourself to the artists websites.

Pedro Correa – Belgium www.pedrocorreaphoto.com
Jason McGroarty – Ireland http://www.jasonmcgroarty.com
William Victorino – France http://williamvictorino.tumblr.com/
Thierry Lancelot – Belgium http://tll85190.wix.com/thierrylancelot

Yusuke Sugiyama – Japan https://www.instagram.com/yuuskesugiyam/
Christian De Wulf – Belgium  www.christiandewulf.com 
Pierre Verlaine – Belgium www.pierreverlaine.com
Aude Herlédan – France  http://www.1831artgallery.com/bio-aude-herledan/

“DoubleYou” Jean-Marc Wullschleger – France
Yoram Chisin – Israel http://www.chisinyoram.com/
Maria Gil Ulldemolins – Belgium http://www.tinymighty.me/about/
Jacquline Horler – France www.jacquelinehorler.com

Yana M. Dimitrova – USA www.yanadimitrova.com
Catherine Vermaut – Belgium www.catherine-vermaut.be
Yambe Tam – USA www.yambetam.com
Lisa Allegretta – Belgium http://allegrettamosaico.com/About.html

Francois Betting – Belgium www.francoisbetting.com
Renelio Marin – USA http://www.artbastion.com/
Alix Philippe – UK https://alixphilippe.com
Sophie Oldenhove – Belgium http://www.sophie-oldenhove.be/

Flo Collard – Belgium www.flocollard.be
Alexandr Grigorev – Russia http://grigorev.com
Marc Krüger – Belgium http://www.marckruger.eu/
Martine Henry – France  Martinehenry.be

Jacques Meunier – Belgium www.jacquesmeunier.com
Gerard Escougnou  – France http://gerardescougnou.com/
Beddru – Belgium www.beddru.com
Dalia Nosratabadi – Belgium http://www.dalianos.com/

Christophe Remacle – Belgium http://www.christopheremacle.com
Elizabeth Orcutt – UK www.elizabethorcutt.com