Working With Big Baba


Earlier this year I got to work with film maker Will Smith again, it was he who created the short movie ‘The Moments Either Side‘ for The Other Art Fair 10th Edition. The brief was to shoot a documentary of my painting practice and my daily rituals. The creative and well-being habits that are inseparable from me being an artist and making the type of work that I do. The locations were my home, studio, wood shed and the surrounding countryside of the North Downs Kent.

The full film will be released in time for The Other Art Fair at the end of March, but here is a sneaky peek of footage that I shot and edited, specifically of my creating a large enso with my beautiful big brush; ‘Big Baba‘ supplied by the gracious Lulu Wang and her family from Asian Brush Painter.

Through this process, I became acutely aware of how I work with my breath. When painting but also in life, enabling myself when performance anxiety set in, to return to a sequence of calming breaths to quieten the mind. To bring focus and attention to the moment.